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Hi!  I'm Dr. Stephanie Fein, Chief Physician here at Maintenance University.

With 20 years of experience in weight management and more than a decade of keeping 50 pounds off myself, I'm passionate about helping you stay in the body you desire.

Let's work together to make your weight loss dreams a reality.  I offer on-line courses and one-on-one consulting.

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Here's what people are saying . . .

Julie B. says,

"In the past, I would try to lose weight and find myself getting frustrated and ultimately giving up, thinking, “I’ll be heavy for the rest of my life.” 

Had it not been for Stephanie’s positive outlook on life and food, I would have been stuck in the cycle of gaining and losing weight.  Stephanie has a way of explaining things that make such sense in relation to food issues."


Larry R. says,

"Shortly before we started I weighed 227 lbs. and then set a goal of 195.  The weight loss has been steady and consistent.  I reached my goal earlier this year and decided to set a new goal.   I am presently at 193 and going strong. 

We all think we know how we can lose weight but we are wrong.  Dr. Fein combines medical science, nutritional health and some good old fashion coaching and humor to make this happen.  I will be forever grateful."


Claudia W. says,

"My success in a weight loss of 60 pounds and maintaining it for 3 years is directly related to the genuine support, guidance, education and inspiration given to me by Dr. Fein.  She is one of those rare people that can really get what this is all about and believes it is truly possible to achieve success."      


Lisa Z. says,

"After years of trying unsuccessfully on my own to lose twenty-ish pounds, Stephanie's personalized, methodical, supportive approach to weight loss has finally helped me find a path to success.

Perhaps most important for me, is the support Stephanie offers during weeks where my weight loss has slowed or plateaued. During my prior solo attempts, I'd get discouraged by slow progress and give up. Stephanie's given me confidence that not only will I be able to lose weight, I will also keep it off!


Josh W. says,

"It's like having a (non crazy) therapist, a best friend, a doctor and a weight loss coach all wrapped into one.  An unbeatable combo and the best deal in town.

 I went from hating myself every day about my weight to understanding my food issues and learning how to handle stress appropriately.  The weight fell off naturally and painlessly as a result."




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