Ep 35: Negative Thoughts Sabotage Weight Loss

When we pay attention to the negative we feel bad. When we focus on what we can appreciate. We feel better. It's human nature. 

Negative thoughts float in our minds all the time.  It’s a habit most of us have gotten into.

But it doesn’t have to derail us.  I’ll show you how in this episode of the Weight Loss for Fertility podcast.

We can train ourselves to look for the good that is already there.  Then we feel better.

When we feel better we make better decisions easily.

This episode will teach you all about the two things you need to get better at for easy sustainable weight loss:

  1. allowing negative thoughts to be there without resisting or judging them
  2. looking for things to appreciate and feel good about 

THIS is how we consistently make better decisions about our health and food. 

This is exactly how to lose and maintain weight.

It starts and ends in our minds.


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