Ep 39: Your Questions - How Fast Can I Lose Weight?

A question I get quite often is “How fast can I lose weight?”  While that question may seem straightforward enough, it’s usually asked from a place of desperation, frustration, and panic– just wanting to get the weight off yesterday.

So when the answer isn’t “all of it by tomorrow” the bubble bursts and, perhaps reluctantly, there’s room for a new understanding.  In this episode, I help you rephrase the question to better serve you, your weight loss, and your well-being long-term. 

Remember, we want sustainable weight loss. A new ease in relationship with food. 

Now that feels GOOD. 

I help my clients lose fat forever, in a way that's healthy–a way that honors, respects, and works WITH their body and lifestyle.

I’m here to help you too. 

Just go to my website stephaniefeinmd.com and click the Lose Weight With Me button. 

It’s possible for you. Now.


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