Ep 40: From Stuck to Moving Forward in Weight Loss

Weight loss depends on changing current behaviors.  And in the beginning, we may find it easy to do.  


But what happens if you hit a wall?  

When you’re feeling stuck in weight loss, specifically, when you're having trouble with behavior you're wanting to change…like:

  • Overeating at dinner
  • Swapping your Starbucks run
  • Giving up your post-meal snacking 

Or maybe it’s a positive habit that you want to create, but can’t seem to make it stick like:

  • Adding movement to your day
  • Doing a morning meditation

Either way, when you’re just REALLY struggling with moving forward, unable to make these things you desire to happen, it can feel especially frustrating.

In this episode, I give you the answer to get you moving again. 

It always works.  In fact, it’s the place to start when you’re stuck with anything in your life.

It’s your brain.

Your thoughts.

The sentences running around in your head, often unnoticed.  That’s the problem–we have to start noticing them. 

First, we notice, then we get curious about the thoughts, and eventually, we get great at answering every question our brain offers up.

This skill is all you need to keep losing weight, creating habits, and feeling great. 

Let me know what you discover! What thoughts are lurking around in there? Find me on instagram @stephaniefeinmd  DM anytime 🙂

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