Ep 41: Recognize Emotional Eating Before It Happens

Overeating is the ONLY reason we gain weight.

If we stop overeating we lose weight. Every time.

We define overeating as any eating we do when we’re not physically hungry.

So grabbing that cookie from the breakroom when we’re bored or mindlessly munching on chips after dinner when we've had a hard day–that’s overeating.

It’s also emotional eating and it’s the number one reason we overeat.

Oftentimes, emotional eating is developed as a coping mechanism in childhood, and it served its purpose–it protected you long enough to get you here to adulthood.  

But its usefulness has worn out if you’re looking to lose weight.

In this episode, learn how to anticipate your personal emotional eating patterns and transform them.

Weight loss is effortless after that. 


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