Ep 59: How to Relax Without Gaining Weight

The week between Christmas and New Year's typically involves some sort of downtime.  If you’re not fully off work at least it’s a bit lower key. Great news!  But what sometimes happens when we think about time off is we want time off from EVERYTHING.

No schedule, no have-tos, no emails, no make-up . . . and no paying attention to food.

BUT, especially when we’re losing weight, relaxing our body does not mean relaxing our responsibility to take care of our needs.  It doesn’t mean relaxing our decisions to eat when we’re hungry and stop when we’re satisfied, not full.  

When we use the hunger scale, we tune into our body’s true needs, and there’s no time that won’t be necessary.  Even on vacation.  Even around holiday cookies. You’ll always need sleep, you’ll always need to pee, you’ll always need to nourish your body.  No matter the time of year.

If you find yourself wanting to NOT think about your food, remember that if you're not the weight you want to be, going unconscious around food equals weight gain.

That’s usually how we gained in the first place, so it just means we have to stay conscious. The good news is it doesn’t have to feel hard. In this episode I’m going to tell you exactly how to rest and restore without overdoing it in the food department – it's a great skill to have, one you'll need forevermore as you maintain all your weight loss.

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