Ep 67: The Plateau-Busting Hack You've Never Heard Of

Whether you’re just starting out or finding yourself stuck in a weight loss plateau ….this episode is for you! 

I share a powerful hack that will help YOU get unstuck.

It’s not fasting or eliminating foods.  No food combos or cleanses.  

It’s the one thing that if you succeed in doing, will not only change your relationship with food for good, it will also ease the rest of your life.

Our thoughts are mostly habitual.  We think the same ones over and over.  And if we’re not careful those thoughts can keep us stuck.

When we let go of the traffic jam of old thoughts in our minds, we allow new ideas (and healthier choices) to emerge. With the hack I share in this episode, not only will your relationship with food improve, it will create a more patient and non-judgemental ease in ALL areas of your life.

If you’re ready to change your relationship with food (with a little general life-relief on the side) reach out to me at stepheniefeinmd.com or find me on IG @stephaniefeinmd! ! I’d love to help you on your journey to achieving LASTING weight loss. 

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