Ep 68: You Are Not Lazy

You, my sweet friend, are not lazy. I’m going to share a saying with you from Gary V. that stopped me in my tracks and changed my life, and hopefully it can change yours too. 

”You are not lazy, you just don’t like it.” 

Many of us are so used to blaming ourselves for not joyously doing things we think we “should” do.

Weight loss can be one of those things.

The idea I want you to adopt is that if you find yourself dragging on pursuing a goal, then there is something wrong with the approach to the goal, not YOU.

For weight loss in particular, there is another way. There doesn’t have to be restriction, deprivation, or beating yourself up.

You have a good reason for not wanting to do something, so instead of blaming and shaming ourselves, let's find it. 

My four-step framework shows you how:

  • Notice the resistance
  • Get all your thoughts down on paper
  • Question your thoughts
  • Formulate an action plan

This process will move you from inertia and blame to action and kind conscious decisions.

You’re welcome.

I think you're amazing. And I know you can make this shift. So no more blaming ourselves, freedom instead.

Have such a wonderful week. I'm sending you so much love. If you have any questions about this or anything in general, reach out to me on Instagram @stephaniefeinmd or come visit my website and talk to me, stephaniefinemd.com.

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