Ep 77: Learning How to Lose Weight: My Mandolin Story

In order to enjoy sustainable weight loss we have to learn new skills.

Learning new things can be, well, er, uncomfortable.

I was reminded of that gem of an obvious statement recently when I decided to learn to play the mandolin. 

In this episode of the Weight Loss for Fertility podcast I breakdown the 8 lessons I remembered as I awkwardly practiced my new skill (and I use the term loosely), and how they show up on the journey to permanent weight loss.

  1. I expected too much too fast
  2. I judged myself so harshly
  3. I told myself I wasn't progressing fast enough
  4. I didn’t appreciate how far I’d come 
  5. I wasn’t letting myself feel proud enough
  6. I didn’t communicate with my guide enough
  7. So I didn’t getting what I actually needed
  8. Because I didn’t not know what I needed

I was able to recognize these all too familiar patterns and shift out of them instead of spiraling and letting them derail my dreams of becoming a mandolin virtuoso ;)

Don’t let these sneaky thoughts and behaviors steal your dreams of a new relationship with food, weight loss and improved fertility.  

Listen now.

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