Ep 78: I Deserve It!

Ever found yourself uttering "I deserve this" while reaching for that slice of pizza after a rough day?

You're not alone, and in today's episode of the Weight Loss for Fertility podcast we unpack why this is more about your brain than your stomach!

We tackle "I deserve it" eating and how to manage this mental/emotional trap. Whether it's the pressures of fertility treatments or just the daily grind, we can rethink our relationship with food, especially during our most vulnerable moments.


Here’s what you need to know from this episode:

- **Redefine Deserving**: We challenge the notion that we need to earn certain foods by being "good" or having a tough day. Instead, we learn to recognize that we deserve everything inherently, not as a reward.

- **Change the Brain Story**: Shift from saying "I deserve this" to "I want this." This simple change in wording has you honestly assessing your desires, helping to uncouple feelings of entitlement from your food choices.

- **Address True Needs**: Identify what you really need when the urge to 'treat yourself' hits. Often, it's not food but something else like rest, comfort, or just a break.

Managing our cravings isn't about restricting ourselves but about understanding and addressing our genuine needs. By changing how we talk to ourselves about food, we gain freedom from impulse eating and make empowered choices that align with our true desires and goals.

So next time you catch yourself mid "I deserve it" moment, pause and reflect: What do I really want right now? This subtle yet profound practice can lead to healthier habits and lasting weight loss.

Listen now.
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