Ep 80: I Can't Have That

In this episode, we uncover the subtle yet powerful impact of the phrase "I can't have that" and how saying it can keep you stuck in diet mentality and yo-yo weight gain. 

Discover how changing just a few words can shift your mindset from feeling restricted to feeling empowered.

"I can't have that" is usually just the beginning of a longer, self-defeating monologue. We explore the rest of that silent sentence and bring it to light (Hint: it often hides a deeper belief that foods are "good" or "bad.") 

Words have power, so we need to shift the sentence. This is not about tricking ourselves; it's about embracing what’s true and owning our choices. Let’s swap out the lies we tell ourselves and instead, choose words that empower us. 

With this simple change, we move from external rules to internal wisdom and develop a trusting relationship with our body and food.  

Imagine a life where your choices are guided not by strict rules but by what genuinely feels good to you.

It’s possible.

And it results in sustainable weight loss.