Ep 83: Unexpected Risk to Weight Loss of Your Vacation

Summer is officially here!

And that means one thing–-vacations ⛱️

Whether it's a quick weekend getaway or a two-week adventure, navigating these fun-filled disruptions well means bringing home great memories not extra pounds.

In past episodes, we've talked about thriving on the vacation itself. 

Check out:

   Episode 32: How to enjoy your vacation without compromising your weight loss.

   Episode 58: Managing holiday travel and food.

But an unexpected risk, and one not talked about nearly enough, is the vulnerability of returning from a trip: Overeating in the Re-Entry Period

In this episode of the Weight Loss for Fertility podcast we:

   - Unveil why reentry into daily life post-vacation is a precarious period for weight loss.

   - Discuss the emotional and logistical hurdles that can lead to overeating after a vacation.

   - Present practical strategies to ease the transition and maintain your weight loss momentum.

Discover these Pro Tips and more for a Smooth Reentry:

Plan Ahead:** Schedule downtime after your vacation before jumping back into work and responsibilities.

Stock Up:** Arrange for grocery delivery to ensure your kitchen is stocked with healthy options upon your return.

Manage Expectations:** Understand that it's normal to feel tired or sad after the vacation ends. Plan for these emotions without judgment.

Easy Meals:** Prep simple, nutritious meals in advance or have a list of go-to healthy restaurants and take-out spots.

Extra Support:** Stay connected with friends and family or consider booking a consultation with Dr. Stephanie for personalized advice by visiting [weightlossforfertility.com](https://www.weightlossforfertility.com). Just click the “Lose Weight with Me” button!



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