Ep 86: Road Trips and Weight Loss

Summer's here, and with it may come a road trip or two 😉

But if we’re on a weight loss journey, navigating road trip food can be as challenging as finding a clean restroom on the highway! 🚗🍴

Let’s cruise through some top tips for healthy eating on the road:

- **Vegetable Victory**: Anytime we spot veggies, we grab them! Salads, vegetable soups, and even an extra side of greens will help balance out the inevitable 'beige meals' like fries and chicken fingers.

- **Portion Patrol**: Remember, we’re always practicing the hunger scale. Massive portions serve up more than we need, so let’s share meals, order appetizers as mains, or simply pack half to go.

- **Favorite Foods**: Let's plan our fun foods! Whether it’s a special dessert or an irresistible entrée, we can enjoy these treats without guilt by planning ahead and savoring each bite.

This is the way we can enjoy every mile and every meal!

Ready to dive deeper into these tips and hear more fun travel tales?

Tune in to the full podcast episode and get inspired! 🎧

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