Ep 87: Urge Work - A Real Life Example

Are you ready to discover a key to weight loss that lasts?

In this latest episode of the Weight Loss for Fertility podcast, we're diving even deeper into something incredibly powerful for sustainable weight loss: URGE WORK.

If you've ever felt like food was calling your name or that you were compelled to eat something even though you really didn't want to, this episode is a must-listen. 🎧🌟

We're breaking down a real-life example and showing you how to manage those overpowering urges by:

- **Real-Life Urge Work** I walk you through my recent personal experience with a non-food urge. Sometimes a different context can give us unexpected insights. It worked for me and could for you too!

- **Clear Steps** Learn the four steps to manage and uncouple urges from actions, turning emotional eating into a thing of the past.

- **Emotional Clarity** Discover how to identify what you're truly seeking—whether it's accomplishment, connection, or relaxation—and find new ways to meet those needs without overeating.

Feel the freedom that comes with mastering urges. This is not about resisting temptation—it's about transforming your relationship with food and yourself. Listen in 🎧🌟

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**Connection to Past Episodes:**

- Dive back into Ep 52: Urges: The Key to Food Freedom, for a foundational understanding.


- Listen to Ep 10: Comfort Eating & How to Transform It - on comfort eating to see how urges tie into emotional eating.