Ep 38: Weight Loss Is Easier If You Stop Doing This

Last week we talked about the shortcut to stopping overeating episode 37--if you haven't listened to it, be sure to check it out after listening to this one as that episode and this one relate to each other in important ways!

Today’s episode is about judgment. Specifically, self-judgment and self-criticism.

Judgment is what keeps us stuck.  Both literally in weight loss plateaus and figuratively in feelings of frustration and confusion.

Even if we have the skills we need to lose weight, we can't use them effectively if we're judging ourselves and our attempts at progress.

Learning to recognize critical thoughts by observing them WITHOUT judgment is how we start. And the way we do that is explained in the previous episode (37).

Getting this concept and putting it into practice will get you where you want to go. Every time.


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Ep 37: A Shortcut To Stopping Overeating -  https://www.stephaniefeinmd.com/podcasts/weight-loss-for-fertility/episodes/2147993107

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