Ep 47: Hunger Scale Spotlight - The Extremes -5 & +5

We are back this week with another Hunger Scale spotlight!

We’ve done these before in episodes 21 (-1) & 34 (+3) (linked below).

This week however is all about the extremes, which are -5 (empty) and +5 (Thanksgiving stuffed).

You may find yourself wondering, why do I need to know the extremes? 

Well… when we know these extremes for ourselves, we know where the edges are and we can navigate to the middle, the comfort zone, and successfully lose weight. 

The hunger scale is an incredible tool for weight loss that allows us to get more in touch with our own bodies…I highly recommend you check out episode 2 (linked below)  if you haven’t already to learn more about it! 

Any questions you have, I'm happy to answer…send me a DM on Instagram @stephaniefeinmd or go to my website www.stephaniefeinmd.com and click the Lose Weight With Me button so we can get connected!

Links & Resources:

Ep 2 - Hunger Scale: https://www.stephaniefeinmd.com/podcasts/weight-loss-for-fertility/episodes/2147828528

Ep 21 - Hunger Scale Spotlight: -1 (handling discomfort): https://www.stephaniefeinmd.com/podcasts/weight-loss-for-fertility/episodes/2147911958

Ep 34 - Hunger Scale Spotlight: +3 (full): https://www.stephaniefeinmd.com/podcasts/weight-loss-for-fertility/episodes/2147978496

IG: @stephaniefeinmd