Ep 61: Weight Loss, The Work and Byron Katie: Part 1

Happy New Year!

I’m always looking for ways to relieve suffering, both my own and yours.  Becoming aware of our thoughts and how they influence our feelings and actions is the foundation of this relief.  It’s also the basis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy–the method of behavioral change I use to help us lose weight and keep it off for good.

At the end of last year, I participated in a 5-day workshop to support my understanding of thought work.  It was with Byron Katie, learning the ins and outs of her method of thought inquiry called The Work.  It was transformative.

Over the next two episodes, I’m sharing some of the lessons and techniques I learned from her.  

Weight loss is only one of the areas that benefit from exposure to The Work.

So if you’re ready to release the thoughts that are keeping you stuck, be sure to tune into this week's episode and next week's episode of the Weight Loss for Fertility podcast to learn how to transform your mindset and achieve long-lasting weight loss!

In the meantime, be sure to check out Byron Katie's website and resources to learn more about her work.

Links & Resources:

Ep 37: A Shortcut to Stopping Overeating - https://www.stephaniefeinmd.com/podcasts/weight-loss-for-fertility/episodes/2147993107

website: https://thework.com/

podcast: https://thework.com/at-home-with-byron-katie-podcast/

book: https://thework.com/loving-what-is-revised-edition/


IG: @stephaniefeinmd