Ep 63: Losing Weight This Way Saves Time

So many of us think it takes too much time to lose weight.

We start thinking of the calorie counting, figuring out a new app or formula, complicated recipes or hours in the grocery store, and kitchen meal prepping. Maybe even waking up at 5 am to fit in some gym time…the list goes on and on and it is EXHAUSTING.

If we think that’s the only way, no wonder we give up before we start!

But here’s the good news–It isn’t! 

In fact, what if the way to lose weight that is sustainable and easier actually saves you time? I’ll show you exactly how it’s true in this episode! We’ll cover things like:

  1. How the all-or-nothing thinking of traditional diet mentality leads to time-consuming overwhelm.
  2. How tuning in to our hunger cues saves time and prevents overeating.
  3. How listening to our bodies leads to food choices free of guilt or deprivation–two feelings that rob us of our peace and energy.
  4. How building a positive relationship with ourselves and our bodies creates long-term weight loss success.

Losing weight this way gives you back precious time – obsessive-free, guilt-free time to do more important things in your life – fun things, relaxing things, things you’ve been longing to do.

Doesn't that sound better?

That’s exactly what I help you do – so lose weight with me – reach me at my website stepheniefeinmd.com or find me on IG @stephaniefeinmd.

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