Ep 82: Comfort Foods

This week on the pod, we delve into a topic that's crucial for anyone on a weight loss journey, especially if we're balancing the emotional rollercoaster of fertility treatments—comfort foods

Whether it's mac and cheese, or those childhood favs like Doritos or Cheetos, comfort foods are not inherently evil.  They only become problematic when we use them as a crutch to manage emotions.

🍽️ Comfort Foods & Emotional Eating: A Balancing Act

In this episode of the Weight Loss for Fertility podcast, we unpack comfort from food by:

🎯Understanding Comfort Foods**: We explore how comfort foods are tied to our childhood memories and how reassessing them can transform our relationship with food.

🎯Creating Emotional Comfort**: Learn how to uncouple comfort from food by channeling positive memories and identifying non-food-related comforting activities.

🎯Building a Comfort Toolbox**: Establish a handy list of comforting actions that provide joy, distraction, and relief without resorting to eating.

With these strategies, we can navigate the emotional highs and lows of fertility treatments without compromising our health goals. Let's embrace a life where food brings joy, not chains, and we reclaim our comfort from within.

Tune in and let’s make comfort food a delightful bonus, not a necessity! 🎧

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