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The Superhero of Weight Loss Sep 19, 2018



Every year my family and I go to a community gathering. There’s singing and acts of service. It’s a nice touchstone.


Well, this year I noticed something very disturbing.


We’re outgrowing the event.


It’s for young families and...

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Cherry Season Jun 20, 2018



We love to go cherry picking every year.


There’s a short window when the cherries are ripe and it usually falls around Father’s Day and the end of school.


And it’s usually hot. Very hot.


We go to the same place each year, an hour and a half...

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The Weight Loss Trifecta Jan 24, 2018


My body is doing a great job of fighting off a cold. 


I’ve helped by taking it very easy this week. 


That meant one thing—time to devote to finishing the books piled up on my bedside table.


Being in the middle of several books at once is...

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