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Cherry Season



We love to go cherry picking every year.


There’s a short window when the cherries are ripe and it usually falls around Father’s Day and the end of school.


And it’s usually hot. Very hot.


We go to the same place each year, an hour and a half drive away, and each year I notice my son can reach higher and higher branches.


This year I was struck by how different the experience was.


In the past, we’d easily fill our buckets, because the trees were heavy with big, beautiful, low hanging cherries. Leaving the stems on the trees, we’d gently twist purple Bings and yellow-red Rainiers from their branches.


This year, there was a frost at just the wrong time, and the Bing cherries didn’t make it. So when we got there, we were sent to a section we hadn’t seen before where red Brooks cherries were ripening.


And we had to work for these cherries.


No full buckets for us. We walked the rows and rows of trees looking for low branches with unpicked fruit. No go.


I caught myself wishing it was more like last year—big juicy cherries, abundant and easy to find.


But these days I’m trying to accept the way things are instead of wishing they were some other way. My resistance to reality disconnects me from the present.


When I’m not present I can’t think creatively. And the longing doesn’t feel good. I can’t see where I really am which only leaves me stuck.


Accepting reality allows me to see things clearly so I can decide what to do about it.


We needed to find a new way to fill our buckets.


So we ended up enlisting the help of a cherry assistant (who knew?!) who gently pulled down the out of reach branches with a specially designed hook.


It was a delightful experience.


Luis taught us about the trees, the season, and the workings of the farm. We spent some nice time with a nice man who helped us reach our cherry goals. We found a new cherry variety and it was cooler this year too—something else to appreciate.


Accepting the truth of any situation allows for inner calm, creativity and clear action.


When it comes to food and weight, accepting the truth of our situation moves us forward. Realizing we no longer want to carry extra weight opens the possibility for change.


Wallowing in coulda, woulda, shoulda keeps us stuck. And it feels bad.


Taking the next right action that makes sense, however small, creates momentum and over time leads to success.


Getting a little help from someone with the right tools could work too.




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