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Plan to Maintain Jul 08, 2020



Yesterday I spent a few hours planning my work projects for the next couple of months.


It felt sooooo good.

Creating order out of chaos.


I’d noticed myself procrastinating the last few days.

I had big ideas I wanted to make happen but it all felt overwhelming,...

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Get to Your Goal Weight This Year Jan 29, 2020




I’m a sucker for all things organization.

I LOVE categorizing, calendaring and color-coding.


Who doesn’t appreciate pastel post-its and a fresh gel-pen set?


So when the first of the year rolls around, I’m ready to go!


This year...

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Plan For It Sep 14, 2017


There was a time in American history when the majority of homes had a dedicated homemaker.  She (as it usually was a she) kept the home running smoothly including planning and preparing all the meals for the family members.  Eating out was a rare occurrence.



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