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Get to Your Goal Weight This Year




I’m a sucker for all things organization.

I LOVE categorizing, calendaring and color-coding.


Who doesn’t appreciate pastel post-its and a fresh gel-pen set?


So when the first of the year rolls around, I’m ready to go!


This year I’m focusing on my productivity and I started with a whole planner system (there was a book and everything :).


So far so productive.


And the idea that’s made the biggest impact?


The Daily Big 3.


Yep. You prioritize 3 items on your day’s to-do list. Only 3.

And you get those DONE.


I know what you’re thinking, “Only three?! But I have 99 things to do on my list!”


Here’s the catch—the 3 you choose have to be things that will move you toward your weekly goal. And your weekly goals move you toward your quarterly goals. So by the end of the year -voila- you’ve achieved your ultimate goal!


This system creates a connection between what you say you want (annual goal) and your daily actions.



So many of us are guilty of staying busy but not getting any traction on what we say matters most to us.


You get to decide:

Would you rather have the dishes clean by 10am or 10 pages of your novel written?


If your dream is to finish your manuscript, then writing it is.


Getting 3 needle-moving items done is so much better than none.

It’s just too easy to do the familiar, sort-of-necessary items: certain errands, email, chores.

Instead, do the dream making actions first then fit in the laundry (or maybe delegate—but that’s a whole other Oprah).


I’ve found out the hard way: if we don’t plan the day the day plans us.




We need an ultimate goal AND a daily action plan.

Without it old habits determine our body size.


So . . .


What is your weight goal?

  • To maintain all year?
  • To lose 10 pounds and keep it off?
  • Lose 50?


What will your week have to look like food-wise to make that happen?

  • Is it eating more veggies?
  • Cooking at home more?
  • Staying hydrated?


What will you do today to support the vision for the week?

  • Is it bringing your lunch to work today?
  • Going to the Farmer’s Market?
  • Filling your water bottle?



I’ve always encouraged you to plan your food week (for a refresher click here).


This is just another way of thinking about it:

Your daily actions supporting your weekly goals in service of your ultimate target weight.


Do this week after week and in the blink of an eye the year will be over and you’ll be wearing a bikini in Hawaii signing your book deal.



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