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Eat More, Weigh Less. Really. Jun 24, 2020



I learned a great concept this week that relates to Maintenance.

So you know what that means . . . you’re about to learn it too :)




More specifically . . . Energy Flux


Energy Flux describes the amount of calories going through a system.



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A Weight Loss Maintenance Hack Jun 17, 2020



Someone called me “pretty” today.


Ok, they called me “pretty annoying” but I like to focus on the positive.



So funny, right?

My husband found this meme and knew I’d love it.

I laugh every time.


It makes me think of so many...

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Make Maintenance Easier: A Lunchtime Tip Jun 10, 2020



Summer camp was cancelled.


Such a bummer.

Hard to imagine a summer without camp.

Friends, swimming, crafts, games, singing—I loved my days at Cottonwood.


I’d wait outside my house on the steps with my mom. The big yellow bus worked its way down the...

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Feel Better First May 27, 2020



When my kids were little, I read all manner of parenting books and articles.

To be fair I probably fell asleep to them (parents of little kids are tired!), but I got the gist.


Among other things I learned:

  • To read to them from birth (even before!) to help their brains...
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Losing Sleep May Keep You From Losing Weight May 20, 2020



My brothers are computer geniuses.

I’m quite the opposite


When they talk shop, it’s like hearing another language. I don’t get it but I’m grateful to have them on speed dial (wait, I guess everyone’s on speed dial these days . . .)



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What Will You Keep? May 06, 2020



Things are shifting.


Can you feel it?


We were told to stay at home.

We did.

And it worked.

We flattened the curve and saved many hospitals from having too many critically ill patients at one time.


But as we start our 3rd month, many are asking, “now...

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What is Weight Loss Maintenance? Mar 04, 2020



March is Maintenance Awareness Month!


Well, at least it is around here  :)

(I wonder what it would take to make it official—that’s going on my to-do list!)


All month we’re going to talk about the basics of Weight Loss Maintenance so we’re...

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This is a Maintenance Must-Have Feb 26, 2020




Do you have a favorite go-to dress?


You know the one . . .


You love it, it reliably looks good, it’s appropriate for most any occasion and you already have the right accessories for it.


Life’s just easier when you know you have something...

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