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What Will You Keep?

May 06, 2020



Things are shifting.


Can you feel it?


We were told to stay at home.

We did.

And it worked.

We flattened the curve and saved many hospitals from having too many critically ill patients at one time.


But as we start our 3rd month, many are asking, “now what?”


The Country’s coming out of its initial shock and trying to figure out what to do next. With no vaccine available and no reliable treatment, not much has changed virus-wise, but our collective actions had so many other consequences.


In response, the government is planning to loosen some restrictions. What will that mean for individuals? Only that we’ll move from government imposed restrictions to individual decisions.


I know I won’t be going to a movie theater anytime soon, even if they do open up. Each of us will be making our own decisions for ourselves and our families.


We’ll constantly be asking ourselves, “Is it worth the risk?”


The good news is that the last 2 months have given us experience with lower risk behaviors. We know what to do and how to do it.


So here’s my question for you: WHAT WILL YOU KEEP?


I just love that question.

In order to answer, you get to think of all the things that have felt better in the last 8 weeks.

Looking at what’s working well instead of what sucks gives your brain a new perspective. It will answer, even if it’s not used to that way of thinking.


Since we talk about Maintaining Weight Loss around here, let’s narrow this down a bit for now:



Here’s my list:

Dinners at the kitchen table.

Earlier dinnertime.

Cooking at home a heck of a lot more.

Sharing chores, especially in the kitchen.

Grocery shopping no more than once a week.

Good family communication about grocery list and food needs.

Reaching out to friends and family more often.

Creative ways to connect that don’t involve food.

Walking with my boys.

Late afternoon walks.

More time reading novels.


I’m not saying I’ll be able to keep the whole list when things eventually go back to normal, but I won’t be giving them up without a fight.


When it comes to your food and eating habits, checking in to see what’s worth keeping from the last 8 weeks sets you up to win in the coming months and beyond.