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12 Party Tips for a Thinner Holiday Season




We had a neighborhood holiday progressive party last night. So fun!


I calculated my calories for the evening . . . ready for this . . . this does not include my breakfast and lunch . . . just the party food . . . 1320.


Just to put it in perspective, my daily total is 1250.


And this was me choosing well!

It just goes to show how different party eating is from regular eating.


I regret nothing.

I picked the best and quickly stopped eating the mediocre.

I was never stuffed or even full—just satisfied.


When you normally have veggies and protein for dinner, adding alcohol and appetizers and dessert (and of course I couldn’t pass up the potato latkes!) makes the dinner numbers explode.


Good to know.


Now back to my regularly scheduled food plan. 

I'll do a bit of compensating--a little more movement, skip my glass of wine with dinner during the week--but it won't take much: about 100 calories-worth a day.

All is well.


Here are 12 strategies to make the most of your party time and leave room for weight maintenance:


  1. Eat normally during the day

So you’re not starving by the time the party rolls around.


  1. Move your body

Especially if you wouldn’t normally. Or add a bit extra to your regular routine.


  1. Think about what you’d like to enjoy at the party

Which foods are you really looking forward to that you don’t usually have?


  1. Have a plan for your drinking—alcohol or not

Bring some of your favorite zero calorie beverages (sparkly waters, festive herbal teas) or plan the type and number of alcoholic ones. Remember that alcohol lowers inhibitions so it helps to be super clear on your food goals ahead of time.


  1. Don’t stand near the appetizers

OMG! So simple and SO helpful. This one alone will save you hundreds of calories.


  1. When you’re providing the food have healthy choices available and display them prominently.

People will eat them if they look appetizing and are within arm’s length (see #5).


  1. Allow for some white space on the plate

Love this one. It’s a good way to ensure portion control. I promise you will be satisfied with a plate-worth of food.


  1. Decide no seconds

No brainer. It’s the conscious decision ahead of time that helps.


  1. Eat only things that taste really good

Studies have shown it’s the first 2-3 bites that the tongue/brain notice—after that it’s bland. Stick to the best tasting bites of the best tasting food and appreciate every moment. Then stop.


  1. Talk to people

So important!! It’s the reason for the get-together in the first place! Make this your focus and you’ll enjoy your time connecting and feeling the holiday spirit.


  1. Have a non-food activity planned

I love this one. Last night we ended with a white elephant gift exchange. It’s a great way to interact as a group, have a laugh and do so without any more calories.


  1. Don’t give up

Vital. No matter how your evening went, go right back to your regular eating the very next meal. There’s only so much damage one meal can do—no matter it’s size. Forgiving yourself and moving on is the most loving thing you can do and the most effective for weight management.


With these ideas in mind, you’ll expertly manage your weight and your party schedule. Sweet!


Happy Holidays!



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