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3 Steps to the Perfect Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is only a week away.


There’s plenty of time to create the most successful holiday to date. Here’s how:


Plan it!


There are 3 phases of the Holiday to plan for:


  1. Days before Thanksgiving
  2. Thanksgiving Day
  3. Rest of the Weekend


Each phase needs it’s own plan.


This doesn’t have to take long—10 minutes can save you guilt and regret and give you a joyful intentional Holiday.



The Days before Thanksgiving


This one’s the easiest because if you’re already planning what you’ll cook for the day or you’re traveling then chances are you’ve done some planning already.


Get even more specific when it comes to the food.


If you’re cooking, now’s the time to decide which recipes will make the cut. Choosing the healthier versions of favorite dishes will go a long way to supporting your goal of a Happier Holiday.


If you’re traveling, have your packing list include snacks both for travel days and for times when you might get hungry at your destination. Don’t count on your hosts having things that work for you—bring your own.



Thanksgiving Day


Visualize this day. What would the perfect day look like? Feel like?

  • Who are you spending time with?
  • Are you getting a walk or workout in?
  • When are you showering?
  • What are you wearing—feeling really good in?
  • What non-food parts of the holiday bring you joy? Focus on those.
    • Gratitude? Family? Friends? Time off?
  • When are you eating?
    • Don’t go hungry! Have a snack 30 minutes before the Thanksgiving meal. I know that sounds crazy to some—but being over-hungry will only lead to uncomfortable overeating, disconnected unconscious eating and sets you up for possible regret.
      • A perfect snack is between 100-200 calories and has 10 grams of protein (or as close as possible). Some options include certain protein bars, protein shakes, hard boiled egg, or low-fat cottage cheese or string cheese with fruit.
  • Be deliberate about your food—always, but especially at sensitive times like family holiday meals.
    • What are your favorites? Choose those. Enjoy them.
    • How much do you actually need? One plate full of food is enough to fill your stomach. More will feel uncomfortable.


What does the end of the day look like?

  • Did you bring home leftovers? Be conscious of that.
  • Was the meal early and there’s time to visit with friends, a movie?  

Plan the hours of the day so you’re not idly staring at the rest of the pumpkin pie.



Rest of the Weekend


Often we focus so intently on the Big Day we forget we have 3 more days with visiting family and friends around.


Think about these days too. Plan for them.


  • What activities will make you the happiest?
  • What happened with the leftovers? Invite people over to enjoy them with you.


  • Plan some active adventures—hiking or biking, perhaps.
  • It’s a perfect time to explore your town.



Once you’ve actively thought about the Holiday and surrounding days, you’ve increased your chance of following through on your goals and experiencing joy.


You are responsible for your time and how you spend it—it’s a beautiful opportunity.




Watch as we talk about the strategies that make the holiday regret-free:





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