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3 Ways to Weigh



Data is invaluable when making any decision or plan. Weighing things is one way to gather relevant data. So, consider weighing these three things regularly:




  1. Weigh . . . Yourself


So that you are comparing apples to apples, weigh at the same time of day with the same clothes (or lack there of). I recommend first thing in the morning in the buff.


If you are in weight loss mode, I highly recommend getting on the scale only once a week (same day and time). This saves much frustration and heartache.


We are most vulnerable in weight loss mode—we’re changing behaviors and out of our comfort zone, so we want/need to see the scale reflect our sacrifices. If we don’t, we could easily get derailed. Once a week gives the body a more realistic timeframe to process the changes we’ve made.


If you are in maintenance mode, meaning you are happy with your weight and you are looking to keep it there, then I suggest daily weights.


If your weight is stable then your eating is generally dialed in and large daily weight fluctuations are less likely. With daily weighing, you’re just checking in to make sure you’re not consistently gaining.




  1. Weigh . . . Your Food


Super Points if you do this already! Weighing your food is a wonderful way to know how much we’re actually eating.


So try it every once in awhile. It can be eye opening to learn that the 4-ounce portion of chicken you have been eating at dinner is really 6. Or the 5-ounce glass of wine is really 8.


It’s just good to know.


Nothing has to change (especially if you are happy with your weight and you are maintaining it). But at least you will be aware of what you are actually consuming. Then if you do have to tweak any calories in the future, you will know where to start.




  1. Weigh . . . Your Options


This is another way of saying, stay conscious of your food choices. You have options when it comes to what you put in your mouth, but the decisions are easier if you plan ahead.


We often put ourselves in the position where we feel we have “no choice”. For example, we wait too long to have lunch and our only quick option is driving through.


It’s no surprise we will get hungry multiple times in the day—decide what you will eat ahead of time. That way the choice is really yours.




Weighing gives us data, data we can use to make conscious decisions. Those decisions lead us to our goals.   They pave the way.




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