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Finished Books Part Two: Inspiration

Jan 31, 2018


Another note-worthy book on the bedside pile that I got to finish last week was Rework by Jason Fried and David Hansson.  It’s a collection of essays around business and productivity.


The page I dog-eared included this quote: 


“When you are high on inspiration, you can get two weeks of work done in twenty-four hours.  Inspiration is a time machine that way.”


Have you ever experienced that? 


When you are ready, really ready—inspired—you can do what you need to do.  In less time.  Easily.  


Even something that felt hard before, can feel effortless.  It works that way for productivity and also for weight loss.


On the flip side, sometimes if it seems too hard, it just might be. 


That is when it’s time to step back and wait. 


I think of it like waves in the ocean. 


If you are out in the sea trying to swim back to shore, you can fight against the waves on your time schedule or you can wait for the waves to help you in.  


There’s a lot less energy used with nature’s help.


Waiting until the time is right is the difference between gliding in and exhausted flailing.


Often I will see someone who wants to lose 30 pounds, change jobs, repurpose their kid’s room (the one who just left for college), hands-on take care of their ailing parent and get a yoga teaching certification.  This month.




It is noble to have goals and dreams.  It’s exciting to want to change your life in a positive way.  But to be successful in the long run (and that is what we are about here—lifelong weight loss maintenance), life has to be taken into consideration.


Care for the ailing parent might take center stage only leaving room for grieving the empty nest and working in your job as best you can. 


Focused weight loss may need to be put on hold.  For now.


Then once things settle you will be ready to go.  And you will know when that is—once the acute sadness is over or at least fades into the background or once you decide to get help with Mom, or once you arrange to work from home one day a week . . . 


When there’s room, it won’t be a struggle.


Much like I’m a big believer in environmental control vs will power (better to not have the cookies in the house than to hope you will only eat two), I’m a big believer in readiness and timing vs force of will. 


Ease can be your barometer.


Not gaining weight may be enough of a goal depending on your life circumstance.  Then when you are ready and inspired—watch out!