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4 Steps to Stop Weight Creep



Weight-creep is when your weight consistently increases over time.


Very slowly.


You may only notice it only in hindsight. A pound or 2 in a couple of months, barely noticeable, right?


It adds up.


Whenever I determine it’s time to get any weight-creep in check the first thing I do is note if I’ve started a nightly wine habit.


I usually have.


I can so easily get sucked into the habit of pouring a glass of wine after homework time is over and while I’m making dinner.


It marks the end of the day—it signals I get to coast from here. Often I can’t wait to coast.


But doing it regularly over an extended period of time eventually catches up with me.


It was time to give it up.


This is a process for me. I’ve learned to be kind to myself. The more understanding I am, the more likely I am to be successful.


(Note: I do not have an addiction to alcohol—I genetically dodged that one. I’m talking about a habit that can be extinguished. This is not a plan to treat an addiction. If you think you may be addicted, I highly recommend talking to your doctor and checking out AA. https://www.aa.org/ The program has helped millions.)


To end my habit I follow these 4 steps:


Step 1: Don’t buy it at the store.


I know that sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised by how ingrained that habit becomes, too, after weeks and weeks. Avoiding the aisle altogether helps.


Step 2: Hide the favorite glassware from sight.


Usually there is some degree of ritual involved in a daily habit. Getting the bottle from the fridge, uncorking it, pouring the wine into your favorite glass. The accouterments can end up being a visual trigger. Move them.


Step 3: Find a replacement.


Acknowledging that I wanted a demarcation in my day allowed me to create a different ritual around my need for relaxation in the late afternoon/early evening.  In order to get that feeling of “end of the day” I had to replace the wine with something else.  I tried reading, TV and baths.  Eventually, they worked.


Step 4: Be patient.


Trying not to do something you’ve done daily for a long time will take some getting used to. Some days will be easier than others. As you figure out your new normal, getting your new habits in place, be kind and patient with yourself.


These four steps can work for any food habit you may have:

Cookie with coffee in the morning?

Chips with lunch?

Cheese and crackers in the afternoon?

Chocolate after dinner?


If these are habits you would like to change, give this plan a try.


And please remember Step 4.



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