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5 Good Reasons to Count Your Calories



6 year-old me: “But, why?”


My mom: “Because I said so!”


I was never satisfied with that answer.


Neither were my kids, for that matter. (sigh)



The Get Ready Challenge just started yesterday (It’s not too late to join! Click Here). It’s a free week of discovery and preparation where we determine your personal metabolism numbers so you can take control of your health and weight goals.


There’s lots of learning that takes place, especially inside the private Facebook Group where I do daily Facebook Lives. Specifically, I teach about the how and why of each daily task.



Asking WHY is like stepping back to see the bigger picture.


Answering WHY is like teaching someone to fish rather than giving them one.



In the challenge, today’s task is assigning calorie counts to each food on a list created the day before. It’s a key part of a Food Log and a valuable tool for weight loss and maintenance.


Did I just hear a groan?


Many people bristle at the idea of counting calories.

“Can’t weight loss be done without it?” They ask.




But it can’t be done without finding a way to keep track of how much food you’re eating.


You could note your calorie intake or you could try:

  • “points” or
  • pre-made portion-controlled food delivered to your door or
  • intuitive eating practices or
  • removing certain food groups or ingredients from your diet or
  • counting grams of carbs or
  • time-limiting your food intake
  • or . . . or . . . or . . .


Every “diet plan” must have a way to help you decrease the number of calories you’re taking in.




Here’s WHY adding up calories is my favorite way:


Calorie counts are:

  1. readily available.

many books, websites, restaurants and food packages have the info easily accessible

  1. simple to understand.

a calorie’s a calorie. The ones in food are the same ones in a pound of fat. We get to use easy math to predict weight loss.

  1. straightforward to use.

add up the value for each food item and compare it to your target for the day.  Done.

  1. most flexible.

you eat whatever you want, whenever you want within a reasonable personalized range. Which means it’s sustainable long term.

  1. a lasting habit.

it gets easier and easier the longer you do it until it’s second nature. And that’s the idea—a permanent change in eating habits that supports a body weight you’re happy with.


Counting calories is the secret sauce to sustainable weight loss, and not just because I said so :)



Join us here today to discover your personal metabolism numbers.  It's free!


Tune in here to hear a deeper dive into my love of calorie counting and why you will too:





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