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50 Ways to Show Love Without Food



It’s just about Valentine’s Day around here and that means one thing . . . chocolate!



Love, right?



A commercialized day dedicated to romance and chocolate doesn’t have to derail your weight maintaining efforts.


I’ve created a list of things you can do to express your love that don’t add any calories.

So go ahead—love on someone. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Here are 50 non-food ways to show your love to your Significant Other or anyone special in your life:


  1. A hand-written love note
  2. Petals on the pillow
  3. Flowers
  4. Filling up their car tank with gas
  5. Washing said car
  6. Doing the dishes or taking out the garbage without being asked
  7. Some home chore you’ve been putting off
  8. Slow dance in the living room
  9. An unexpected hug or nuzzle
  10. Calling just to say “I love you”
  11. Multiple love texts in one day
  12. Plan a non-food date—maybe a trip to a local garden or museum
  13. Renew your vows
  14. Compliment his appearance
  15. Give her a book you know she’d like
  16. Run a bath
  17. Hidden notes: on napkins, in sock drawers, in the car, in pockets
  18. Watch a movie together
  19. Whisper something sweet in his ear
  20. Kiss her hand
  21. Shoulder massage
  22. Roll in the hay
  23. Tickle-fest
  24. Candlelight
  25. Fire in the fireplace
  26. Jewelry
  27. Walking hand-in-hand
  28. Playing or singing “your” song
  29. Doing that thing you did when you first met
  30. Apologize
  31. Play a game
  32. Take a drive
  33. Go for a hike
  34. Ride a bicycle built for two
  35. Gaze at the stars
  36. Look through old photos together
  37. Let the waves wet your toes
  38. Build sandcastles
  39. Skip rocks
  40. Paddle boat on a lake
  41. Read a book together out loud
  42. Take a class together
  43. Go to the zoo
  44. Take a walking tour of your city (or a new city!)
  45. See a play
  46. Remind him what you fell in love with first
  47. Tell her she looks beautiful
  48. Fall asleep in each other’s arms
  49. Let him sleep in
  50. Look her in the eyes and say something from your heart


The best thing about showing your love is that you get a two-for-one—when you express love you get a hit too!  


Because thinking loving thoughts makes you feel love.

Go ahead—try it.



I love you, too.



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