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Not This Year! Beat the Bermuda Triangle of Weight Gain

Oct 30, 2019



Happy Halloween!


There are 9 weeks between now and the New Year.

Nine weeks.


We call these weeks The Bermuda Triangle of Weight Gain—Halloween through Thanksgiving then onto Christmas and New Year’s.


Starts with candy and ends with champagne, with lots of pies in between.


If we’re not careful, we can go unconscious and wake up 9 weeks later having gained pounds and pounds with an urgent need for a weight loss resolution.


Now that’s a hangover.


Instead, let’s stay awake this year.


Let’s make a decision that this holiday season will be different.


Because won’t it feel wonderful to fit into that special dress you’ve been saving for the Holiday party?


Wouldn’t it be nice to choose something else to work on come January 1st?


It’s all about prevention.


Perfect timing.


So . . . get out your calendar.


Come on, I’ll wait.


Look at the next 9 weeks.


When are you traveling?

When are the parties?

When are you hosting?

When are you shopping?


Once you’ve highlighted those events and marked them off . . . decide:


When can you exercise?

When can you eat light?

When can you meet for a walk or a coffee instead of dinner or drinks?

When can you schedule time alone?


Last year around the Holidays, we talked about making notes for yourself indicating what worked and what didn’t.

The notes were to remind you about who to avoid and what to change, what you loved and what you want to do more of.


Now’s the time to go over those notes.


Staying conscious of your food, your conversations, how you spend your time will always lead to a more meaningful, intentional life. You give yourself a chance to feel proud, connected and in control.


Holidays with eyes wide open.


Who’s in?!