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A Centenial Celebration



This is the 100th Ounce of Prevention.




Woo hoo!!

Cue the confetti canons!!

Throw in a disco ball or two.


100 “insights to keep the pounds away.”


100 weeks in a row.


Some of you have been around that long (bless you, and thank you for being such sweet friends :)


Some of you are new (welcome!) and get to browse the inventory.

Because there's 100 of ‘em.






100 anything is amazing, frankly.


100 days sober

100 pounds gone

100 letters written

100 spinning classes

100 home cooked meals

100 skipped donuts

100 meditation minutes

100 hops on the scale

100 days logging food

100 pages read

100 commitments kept


If you have 100 logged meals, you have a different body than when you started.


If you have 100 walks around the track, you have endurance you didn’t have before.


If you have 100 scale readings, you know more about your body now than you did then.


They all started with the first day. One time. Then again. And again.


It all adds up.


In fact, 100 happens when you’re not looking.

You’re just doing your thing.  You’ve made the commitment and you’re following through.

No expectation of glory, just behaving in a way that gets you closer to your goal.


But then it’s been 100 days or weeks or pounds and it’s time to celebrate.


Incredibly, we often skip this part.

Maybe because we haven’t arrived at the ultimate destination or it hasn’t been a smooth path.


This is a mistake.


You miss the chance to evaluate your progress, recommit to the goal and experience a blast of endorphins that goes along with accepting your success.


Accept your success.


When you allow yourself to acknowledge milestones, you get to feel pride. Not bravado or arrogance but the pride of accomplishment.


I love this feeling. It’s warm and personal and internal. Private and uplifting.


Pride’s one of the best feelings, partly because it’s earned and well deserved. It’s a clean feeling, unambiguous. Not easy to come by in the feelings department.


So, stop on the mountaintop, turn around for a moment and take in the scenery.


Recognize where you’ve come from, maybe remembering the struggles, but from the vantage point of already overcoming them (a much easier place to experience struggles).


Enjoy the pride, then keep on going.


Because the next 100 are just around the corner.



What accomplishment do you need to celebrate today?


What 100 are you working toward?


I’d love to know—just email me at [email protected]




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