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Back to Basics



Now that we’ve Debriefed the Holidays (Step 1) and Stepped on the Scale to assess our current situation (Step 2), we need to decide on a strategy and start (Step 3) if we want to get back to our pre-holiday weight.


Decreasing the calorie intake and/or increasing the calorie output is a basic for weight loss. But the question is: How?


It may be as simple as knowing that there aren’t as many parties this month as last, so your calorie heavy days are a thing of the past. January won’t have nearly as much alcohol and even fewer appetizers, so you feel like a few weeks of “normal eating” and you’ll be back to your fighting weight in no time.




But, if it feels a bit bigger than that, you have to come up with a working strategy.


It does not have to be dramatic, complicated or difficult. In fact it’ll work better if it isn’t.


Just go back to the basics, your basics: do what you know worked in the past.


When you lost weight, or when you weren’t gaining, what was different? What did your day look like? Each person will have a different answer.


  • Were you eating more vegetables?
  • Did you stop eating after a certain time in the evening?
  • Were you working out 3 times a week?
  • Did you write your food down in My Fitness Pal?


It’s something you were able to do on a regular basis, so you know you can do it again.


And to make the transition even more gentle, try easing into it.


With the example of logging your food, it helps to start with writing whatever it is you are currently eating. No need to change anything just yet. First ease back into the habit of writing down the food you eat.


Then, as it makes sense to you, start noticing the higher calorie items on your daily log and make decisions about them:


  • Eliminate for a while?
  • Decrease the portion size?
  • Have them fewer times per week?


Maybe over the holidays you got in the habit of nightly wine or dessert.

Think about your routine before the Holidays and aim for that.


With the example of working out, you may have felt you didn't have time during December. How did you fit it in before?


  • Did you wake up 30 minutes earlier?
  • Did you have your gym bag packed the night before?
  • Did you have a buddy to exercise with?


Looking at what worked in the past and moving towards those habits again will have you buttoning up those jeans in no time.


In the comments below, tell me one thing you will go back to doing or not doing.  I'd love to support you!



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