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The Day After

Feb 14, 2018





As tempting as that sounds, here are 3 reminders for the day after the “Holiday of Heart-Shaped Chocolate”


1.     Day is done.  Accept what may have happened yesterday and start fresh today.  Get rid of the candy.  Don't buy more.  Environmental control is everything. 


2.     Remember, accept the love and kind intention and ditch the sugar.  (See this previous blog for a more detailed discussion of the Gift of Sweets)


3.     Consider alternatives for next year’s celebration.  Spending time together hiking, strolling, enjoying art (museums, movies, shows of all sorts), creating (cooking, painting, building) feels amazing!  No candy required.


We are good at assigning food as love. 

But it’s not. 

Love is Love.

Let’s decide to be filled by warm, tender affection rather than coco, butter and sugar. 


You save a ton of calories.