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If You Drink Coffee, Make Sure To Do This . . .

Mar 14, 2018



Eat breakfast!


Most people who drink coffee in the morning report not feeling hungry.


The reason you don’t feel hungry is because you’ve ingested a drug (caffeine) whose side effects include appetite suppression.  The problem with appetite suppression is that it only masks a body signal; it doesn’t satisfy the bodily need.


It’s like taking pain medication for a toothache; the tooth problem is not solved by the medication, it just hides the pain.  You still have to go to the dentist to permanently fix the problem tooth.  And postponing it just makes the problem worse.


That’s just like hunger—it’s still there in the morning when you’ve had coffee, you’re just not feeling it for a while.  But the hunger will continue to deepen as time goes on. 


As I’ve always said, if anyone wants to gain weight, a great way to do it is to have coffee in the morning, don’t eat anything all day and then have dinner.  You will gain weight every time. 


Your evening hunger becomes so big it’s insatiable. 




That evening meal is huge!  Making up for all the day’s calories and then some. 


Having coffee in the morning and not eating breakfast is like paying the minimum on your credit card bill and watching the debt mount.  You are postponing the inevitable and creating a mountain from a molehill.


So eat a molehill sized breakfast if you want to keep your morning coffee, even if you don’t feel hungry. 


Your body is hungry (it just went anywhere from 8-12 hours without food!) 


Even if you have suppressed the hunger with a drug (caffeine), your body still needs the fuel to run properly.  You will feel better, be more productive, less cranky and you will eat fewer calories by the end of the day.


Eating a small breakfast means you can enjoy your morning coffee ritual while keeping your hunger and calories in check.