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Dr. Fein's Detox



It’s probably not what you think.


I won’t be recommending any particular drink or supplements or fasting of any kind.


As it happens, there’s no need to do anything special to detoxify your body. Miraculously, it does it all by itself. 24/7.


Thank you liver and kidneys!


When they are functioning properly, these organs process the elements in your blood to use what it can and get rid of what it can’t.


Detoxifying means to render harmful substances (toxins) harmless.


So “toxins” like alcohol or excesses of fat or refined sugar get processed just like everything else.


But just like you can work 12 hours a day doesn’t mean you want to or that it’s good for you.


So it is for your organs, too.


Consider giving them a break now that the holidays are over.


Ease up on the sugar and alcohol.

Go back to a reasonable number of calories in one day.

Focus on whole foods and as many plants as you can tolerate.


You’ll give your body a chance to recalibrate. Maybe even lose the sugar cravings that plague the holiday time.


Now, you can go cold turkey but I usually recommend easing into it.


Much like getting into a cold pool, diving in gives you a greater chance of trauma leading to abandoning the cause rather than slowly making your way in on your own time.


With the easing comes continual re-commitment. You’re deciding to keep going every step of the way, which leads to a stronger connection with the end goal.


This way, there is no dramatic declaration (“no sugar for the rest of my life!”) and therefore no shameful beat-down when a cookie enters the picture.


In fact, self beat-downs whether you dive in or ease in are a no-no.


Let’s call this detox-ing your mind.


Get rid of harmful thoughts and turn them into harmless ones.


No matter what the last weeks of 2019 brought, decide you will not tolerate toxic thoughts about yourself and instead, when you catch any, you turn them into compassionate murmurings about how you will be taking care of yourself starting now.


If you allow it, your body and mind can take care of themselves if you just ease into feeding them good stuff.


Whole foods. Minimally processed. Not too much.

And productive, supportive, compassionate thoughts—either yours or someone else’s.


That’s your recipe for a great start to 2020.

May yours be everything you hope for and more.




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