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Fast Is Slow And Slow Is Fast



"Fast is slow and slow is fast"


Never is that more true than when we talk about weight loss.


I first learned the concept worded this way from Stephen Covey.


He offered a parenting story about his teenaged son as evidence.


Mr. Covey was appropriately vague about the problem, but it was some behavior that was challenging and needed attention. He’d told his son directly to change, multiple times, but it wasn’t working. Fast is slow.


One day he took this son on a daytrip fishing. This was not easy because his son had been so challenging lately, but he was determined to have a nice day with his kid.


No agenda.  


After hours together in a relaxed setting, the son brought up issues he’d been trying to deal with on his own that impacted the challenging behavior. They spoke and progress was made. Slow is fast.


All too often, quick fixes don’t take into account the bigger context of the problem.


Quick fixes might solve the immediate issue but often only postpone the inevitable or more likely make the matter worse.


Anything fixed with duct tape comes to mind.


And gimmicky weight loss schemes.


If it promises 10 pounds in 3 days, it won’t deliver permanent weight loss. Period.


If we keep trying harsh restriction diets to get us quick results we’ll eventually regain because restriction can’t last forever.


We slow our progress toward sustainable weight loss by yoyo-ing. Sometimes for years or decades.


But if we lose weight the way we’re going to live it for the rest of our lives, it may take longer to get all the weight off, but the results are more likely to last forever.


Slow is fast.


I’ve seen this so many times.

Not least of which with myself.


I lost 50 pounds and I’ve kept it off for over 11 years now.

Awesome, right?



What if I told you it took me 2 years to lose those 50 pounds?


2 years.


Any less awesome?


Not to me.


The 2 years were going to go by anyway. Might as well be losing weight, reaching my goals in the process.


This pace allowed me to practice my new behaviors during holidays and birthdays. It gave me time to try things out. To develop helpful habits. It set me up for lasting results.


Slow is fast.


If you have 10 pounds to lose, what if it took you a year?

If you have 100, what if it took 2 or even 3?


I’m not saying it would. But what if it did?


Total awesomeness.


What one thing comes to mind that you can change today if you didn’t care how long weight loss would take?


It’s likely way smaller than you think.

It may seem inconsequential, but over time would help you reach your goal.


Maybe it’s making sure you drink your water everyday.

Maybe swapping out a less caloric but still tasty salad dressing.

A slightly smaller portion at dinner.

Walking for 15 minutes in the morning.

Going to bed 30 minutes earlier.

The possibilities are endless.


Pick the easiest one. The one that feels like a no-brainer.

Do that.

Keep it up and see what happens.







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