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Get Some Traction on Your Goals



Recently I noticed I was spinning my wheels.

Looking and feeling busy but not moving forward as I claimed I wanted to.

No traction.




I needed a new plan. So I started at the beginning.


I had to DECIDE what was really important, PRIORITIZE my activities, SCHEDULE them, then KEEP MY WORD to myself.


If you find yourself in the same boat, giving lip service to a goal (weight loss, perhaps) but not making headway toward it, I invite you to take these steps with me.




Getting clear on what you really want can be hard for some reason.


I think it’s because if you finally admit to yourself what you want then you have to do something about it or realize you’re not going to get it.


Indelicately said, it’s s**t or get off the pot time.


Take a moment to write down the one thing you really want right now.

Extra points if you get super specific (lose 15 pounds is better than lose weight).




Figure out the concrete steps you have to take to get you closer to your goal.


You may identify several things you could do (pack your lunch for work, cook more at home, start exercising), but choose only one first.


Once that one feels do-able and incorporated into your routine, take on the next one.




Actually put the identified activity in your daily calendar.


When does it fit? What has to move or get bumped?


Make the time so you can actually see it happening.




Now that it’s scheduled, do it.


You’ve admitted what you want, you’ve created the space, now there’s no excuse. Do it.


It can feel scary to take action on a goal—what if you fail? It’s a risk. But if you keep taking action, the only time you fail is if you quit.


Actually doing what you say you’re going to do breeds pride and confidence. It creates a positive spiral.


I’m talking about committing to the action step you’ve set for yourself, not necessarily the monster goal. That will take care of itself if you keep taking action.



You will make progress this way. It may feel slow going but action tends to accumulate. You’ll be there before you know it!


Then it will be time for the next monster goal.

Who are you going to be by then?




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