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One of my dreams came true.


I moved to Italy.


What’s not to love about Italy? The expressive people, the beautiful language, the unbelievable food, the tangible history, the unmatched natural beauty. Oh and the Art!


I was an Art History major in college (at least in the beginning) and it was a no-brainer where to spend a semester abroad. I wanted an immersive experience and knew I had to prepare: goal number one—learn Italian.


I took college courses in the language. That’s where I studied the basics: verbs, tenses, masculine/feminine structure. I was armed with the fundamentals. I had a solid foundation and my bearings.


Once I touched down in Florence, my education really began. I was speaking Italian 24/7. I had to find bus routes and order food and make friends.


It’s not my favorite thing to be a newbie at something—bumbling my way through. But there was no choice here—and I got better. Sweet residents pretended to understand my jokes, gently corrected me and ultimately were my best teachers. I was open to the process, the inevitable highs and lows, and it worked.


Then I came home.


It only took a couple of months before my fluency faded. I spoke none at home. Speaking Italian became a distant memory.  Had I wanted to keep it, all I would’ve had to do is join a weekly Italian group, or keep taking classes and be guided by an expert. But I didn’t. Life got in the way and I lost it.


The journey to getting healthier and losing weight is exactly like this.


First there’s the burning desire.


Then there’s the preparation: you gather the information you need to lay the foundation for direction and success.


There’s the immersion: the actual changing of behaviors that allows the weight to come off and the body to get stronger.


Then there’s coming home: this is where many falter. If you were on a “diet” and stop, the pounds come back. But if you slowly changed your lifestyle your new behaviors can last a lifetime—provided you stay connected and engaged with the process. On-going gentle and consistent support strengthens the likelihood of lifelong success (More to come on this topic in future Ounces of Prevention).


So I had an idea.


If you have the desire for weight loss, I’ll give you the info you need to prepare.


You’ll get some basics and I’ll help you figure out your own personal metabolic numbers. This info creates a clear path that, when used correctly, can lead to painless weight loss.


So for fun and for free, starting October 10, 2018, I’ll be leading a group of motivated, goal-oriented go-getters (that’s you!) on a journey of discovery and preparation. Won’t you join us?


It’s a week-long process. Each day will have one very do-able task that builds on the one before, so by the end you’ll have all the information you need to take control of your health and weight.


Did I mention it’s FREE?


Sign up here now!


Then be sure to join the private Facebook group (that’s where you’ll be able to watch the daily videos).


Get ready to start feeling great!   Andiamo!


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