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Happier Holidays with Dr. Stephanie Fein

Oct 11, 2017


There are only a few days left to watch my Free Video Series: Happier Holidays with Dr. Stephanie Fein

The 4th and final video release, yesterday, marked the first availability of the Happier Holidays Program.  The 12-week Program will start on Sunday (yay!).  Join us

The free videos come down Saturday night—along with the chance to join the Program.


I learned a lot from the video series and I hope you did too.


  • I learned to unplug the phone when recording a video.


  • I learned how to apply eye shadow (and concealer!) so you can see my eyes on camera.


  • I learned that I have incredible friends and clients (in all fairness I knew that one, but some really shined).


  • I learned how to use all manner of software for my computer—this is something to be very proud of—you see, I am (extremely) technologically challenged.


  • I learned that new good ideas and passions energize you and that if there’s not solid self-care in place they can exhaust you. 


  • And I (re)learned that I LOVE helping people prevent weight gain.



Here’s what I hope you learned:


  • That 70% of Americans gain weight over the Holidays—and most never take it off.


  • That preventing weight gain is a brilliant strategic alternative to having to lose weight.


  • That letting yourself get over-hungry inevitably leads to overeating—every time.


  • That those of us with food/weight issues have a system that overeats when our brain goes on autopilot (aka unconscious).  So we have to be actively conscious around food.


  • That Weekly Food Planning is a super way to stay actively conscious.


  • That if we layer our accountability strategies we are more successful.


  • That maintaining weight loss is the process of preventing weight gain.


  • That I LOVE helping people prevent weight gain :)



If you missed one of the videos, just click here and you can catch up.  Also, forward this blog to your friends, so they can get this info too (or post it, or tweet about it . . . :)


Things will go back to normal in terms of the weekly blog starting next week (but for those of us in the Holiday Program, things will never be the same!).


Here’s to a Happier Holiday Season . . .