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Joy is the Answer



Have you been tubing lately?

It’s when you jump onto an oversized inner tube and shoot down a snowy hill.


It’s impossible not to smile rushing down that hill.


I mean a Big Smile—the kind that comes from within—it’s pure Joy.


When you’re feeling Joy, all is well. Nothing is missing.


And that feeling is the answer to most weight issues.


When nothing is missing we are whole.

When nothing is missing we don’t have to fill anything up with food.


Because if you’re feeling rushed all the time, have 12 balls in the air and get so desperately hungry doing for others that you end up sitting in front of the TV after everyone’s gone to bed repeatedly putting something crunchy in your mouth, the thing that’s missing is Joy.



So here are 4 ways to put more Joy in your day and week:


1.  Self-care

  • Enough sleep (at least 7 hours would be great)
  • Healthy food that fuels your body (limiting processed foods)
  • Ample water (2 liters a day is a good target)


There are plenty of reasons to help your body feel great, but readying it to feel Joy is my favorite. When all your basic needs are met, your brain can focus on other things. Let Joy be one of them.



2.  Fun activities or hobbies

  • For some it’s trying something new
  • For others it’s working on a creative project
  • Or being outside in nature


Regularly making time for something that’s fun creates a stress-free zone. When your body and mind are calm and engaged in something enjoyable you reset. New ideas may occur to you and you’ll feel more resilient when you go back to your daily routines.



3.  Connection

  • Fun time with a person or people you love
  • Talking on the phone or going for a walk together
  • Feeling heard and seen brings deep comfort and joy


Some of us do this naturally everyday. Others may need to schedule it in. We could all do a better job of being less distracted when we have the chance to connect with those we love. Consider turning off the phone or consciously making eye contact to help ensure your presence.



4.  Service

  • Visiting sick friends or family
  • Volunteering for your favorite cause
  • Donating to places you care about


This is not cutting up your kids’ food kind of “service”. This is giving from the saucer, not the cup (I love this image—if you’re pouring tea into a cup the EXTRA, the overflow, would be what you could easily give away). Giving in this way is pure joy—you are adding to someone’s life.



Making sure you have Joy on your schedule will not only make your day a lot more fun, but will protect against emotional eating due to boredom, stress or anxiety.


You can’t feel joy and anxiety at the same time.


Hallelujah to that!



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