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Lose Weight with this Question



Why do you want to lose or maintain your weight?


Seems like a simple question.


Like one that’s easy to answer.


But “because I weigh too much” won’t cut it. At least not if you actually want to lose weight.


The answer may mean the difference between triumph and just plain humph.


Often an external event will prompt the desire to lose weight, but that leaves you with a sustainability problem. It’s true that the wedding or vacation can be motivating, but once the affair is over so is your weight loss.


That doesn’t mean it has to be a saintly, doctor-approved reason, either. Wanting to look good in shorts is as good as any, as long as you really, really like your reason.


It has to motivate you. You have to feel it. And want it. Bad.


Because you’ll need it multiple times a day. Every time you want to choose the grapes over the brownie. Or lace up your tennies rather than catch up on Netflix.


You’ll need your reason.


Now, that’s a lot of pressure for one reason.


Sometimes it works—like being diagnosed with diabetes.


But often we need multiple reasons. Ones that we can pull out at different times befitting the occasion.


When you want a cookie, better health may not work in the moment, but better fitting pants, might.


So here’s your assignment:


  1. Create a list of all the reasons you want to lose and maintain your weight (at least 10 of them—get specific).
  • Put everything on there . . . from looking smokin’ hot in jeans, to living longer so I can see the grandkids grow up and everything in between.


  1. Then put it somewhere you can see it. Multiple places.
  • On the fridge
  • On your phone wallpaper
  • In your car
  • On the bathroom mirror


  1. Then read them.
  • Read them often.


If you do, you’ll be able to call them to mind when you need them most.


With repetition, you’ll internalize your reasons. This is a good thing because . . .


Ultimately, you’ll need an identity shift in order to sustain the habits that got you to the body you want.


You become a person who exercises every week.

Or a person who doesn’t snack.

Or a person who plans her food week.


Once this happens, maintaining weight loss becomes much, much easier.

And that’s what we care about most around here—maintaining your weight loss.


In the meantime you need reasons.

Start that list now.


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