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School's Out! Changing Your Schedule is In.




I just watched my kid’s final social studies presentation. I was such a proud mama. It’s hard to believe the school year’s coming to an end. Another transition.


That means a change in schedules.


Many can’t wait for summer to arrive, only counting the days ‘til school’s out and morning routines loosen.


But, as always, I’m here to remind you it’s a good idea to anticipate the changes and plan for them :)


If you have kids you may already have camp schedules up on the fridge. If kids aren’t in the picture you may have the summer concert calendar or your plane tickets tacked to your bulletin board. Even if it’s just the longer days—summer means a change in schedule.


The important thing to watch for: don’t let any of your good habits fall by the wayside.


For me that means rejiggering my exercise routine.


My kids are home a lot more over the summer so my exercise time can get derailed. To prevent that I plan ahead and find a way.

Pilates gets changed to the weekend and my weekly morning walk with my friend gets put on hold for 3 months while I push my walks toward the evenings.


What needs to get shifted in your summer schedule?


Make sure your summer calendar allows for weekly planning, marketing, cooking and/or prepping and movement.


The good news is this season makes it easier.


Longer days mean more time for outside fun.

People on vacation means fewer crowds at the farmer’s market and the movies.

Grilling makes for simple, healthy and maintenance-friendly meals.

And then there’s the stone fruit!


The pace feels at least a bit slower and the frenzy dies down. There’s more time for novels and that get-away finally makes sense.


Take some time this week to look at your schedule for the next 2-3 months—where is your vacation time?   When are the friends coming for a visit?   When can you fit in regular exercise?


Put it in the calendar—yes, even August’s calendar.


Now of course things may change, but at least when you go to schedule that lunch, you’ll know to plan it half an hour later so you can keep your walking commitment.


You’d be surprised by what a reminder like that can do for your resolve.


What’s the ONE thing you’re going to concentrate on this summer to make your body dreams come true?


Schedule it.


You’ll thank yourself as you don your bathing suit for that poolside escape.

Ahhhh summer!



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