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The Best Day to Buy Halloween Candy . . .

Oct 19, 2017


. . . is October 31st.


It barely has time to settle into the bowl before little ghosts and princesses grab for their treats.


Less time alone with the candy = more available for the costumed kids.


Universal goal of Halloween achieved!


But, I learned this trick the hard way.


It took years. 


Long ago, I would buy some for the kids and a bag for myself.  They are “fun-sized,” I’d argue.  Good portion control . . . but not if you eat the whole bag!  It would be portion control if they sold the fun-size individually.  I notice they don’t do that.


My next big step toward candy-control was not getting myself a bag.  I just got candy for the kids, however . . . I got to it first!  I remember having to go back out to buy more candy.


One year I tried hiding it in the garage.   Yes, I had to go outside to get it, but apparently that was no big deal.  Candy-1, Me-0.


Then I tried getting the candy I didn't like.  That just ended in a stomachache from candy I didn't like.  Sigh.




I needed a new plan.


As I got clearer on how many calories a whole bag of candy was (thousands upon thousands) and how important it felt to maintain my weight loss (very), I could see I needed help.


Enter Mega Environmental Control.


No candy until Halloween day and it was to remain unopened until the first kid came to the door. 


Much better!


I still enjoyed a fun-sized Baby Ruth or two, FAR fewer than if I had the bag calling my name for days or weeks on end.


Limiting exposure supports your success.


So even though I’ve kept my weight off for over 8 years now, I still know the dangers of having Halloween candy in the house for any length of time.  I might very well be able to resist this year.  But maybe not.  One tiring, frustrating day and wrappers could litter the floor.  Why risk it? 


We have a saying in our house; “Don’t tie your shoes in a watermelon patch.”  Not only should you not steal, but also you shouldn’t be in the position where it even looks like you could be stealing.   


I love that idea—don’t just stop at the deed, stop the step before the deed. 


Much less chance of trouble.


To be truly successful at not bingeing on Halloween candy, I recommend not having the candy in your house in the first place.



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