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Three Simple Supermarket Strategies

Mar 07, 2018



Environmental control . . .


. . . is one of my very favorite topics!


. . . is the cornerstone of weight management.


. . . is well summed up by the phrase, “if it’s not there, you can’t eat it”.


Most people think Will Power is the key to weight management—“if I could just be better . . .” but knowing yourself and your limitations is so much more powerful. 


If you have trouble resisting a chip, then don’t have any in the house.  Isn’t that so much cleaner than “trying to have just one”?


Creating a food environment where you can feel safe requires some self-reflection, a little planning, and a strategic trip to the Grocery Store.


Follow these suggestions on your next trip to the Supermarket to create a squeaky clean home food environment.



1.     Don’t go hungry


This is vital.  Your cart will look a whole lot different if you’re going down the aisles hungry—your defenses are low so every display is tempting.  Most often these are packaged processed snack foods—high calorie, low nutritional value. 


When you are planning your trip to the store, make sure it’s at a time you have just had a meal (I usually go after breakfast) or if you are out and about make sure to have a snack before you sanitize your shopping cart handle.



2.     Have a list


This saves hundreds, if not thousands, of calories and many dollars to boot.  Planning the week of meals for you and your family then creating a list of things you need from the store, saves time, money and food waste.  It’s a total win.  This doesn’t mean you can’t get something fun—just put it on the list.  Plan for it.  Then it can be enjoyed guilt-free. 


Having a list makes the shopping experience faster and more straightforward.  You are in control rather than the advertisers. 



3.     Go once a week


Limiting your exposure can make all the difference.  Supermarket shopping isn’t particularly quick.  They are generally big stores and you have to walk to the back, through the packaged food aisles, to get your dairy and meat.  It is designed that way—to entice you to buy things you may not need.  The fewer times you go, the less likely an impulse buy.


Extra points if you do your grocery shopping on-line.  If you buy on-line you avoid the marketing ploys altogether and are more likely to get only what you need.



Make life easier by managing your food environment.  Plan your weekly Grocery trip, bring your list and go with a satisfied belly.


Being prepared for a trip to the Supermarket allows you to relax at home.