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Tight Pants as an Opportunity



 Ugh.  Tight pants.  They feel terrible.


Especially when they’ve hit that critical point.  You know the point . . . when they are just about too tight to wear.


“Did they shrink in the dryer?” you wonder.


“If I wear them a bit, they will stretch out,” you decide.


Not this time.


Oh, I guess you could wear your formerly favorite pants but they hug just a little closer than you would like.  Closer than last time.  And you feel them hugging.  All.  Day.  Long.


The tight pants are a sign.  An indicator that you’ve gone unconscious with your food.


Thank you, Pants, for the awareness.  For being the outer limit.  If not for the tight squeeze this could’ve gone on a lot longer.


Instead, it’s an opportunity.


An opportunity to turn the ship around before things get too out of control.


All it will take is 3-5 pounds of weight loss to have some breathing room in the pants (seven pounds is about one women’s size up or down).


You can lose 3 pounds.


You know what to do to lose 3-5 pounds, right?  It’s 15-20 pounds that feel daunting.  And if you don’t do something about the small weight gain now, that’s what you could be facing in 6 months from now.


To lose 3-5 pounds, notice what you’ve been doing for the last few weeks or months.


Then, go back to your healthy routine.  Note any new, unnecessary habits with food or drink that have crept in.  Those are the low hanging fruit.  Nab those.


We are not talking about losing all the weight you want to right now.  The goal is to make the pants feel better as soon as possible.  It’s so much easier to be reasonable in pants that fit.


But before you quit your Starbuck’s scone habit you must do this:


Accept where you are.  With love and understanding.


It’s denial that got you to this point.  Accept that you have gained some weight, without shaming or punishing.  It is what it is.  You had your reasons.  The (pity) party is over.


Deep breath. 

Good job.


Now decide on a plan for the next week.  And think about all the clothes that will fit better really soon.




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