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How to Have True Joy



Last week we talked about the cost of food Joy, out of proportion desire and the benefits of True Joy (read all about it here).


Today we start getting you that True Joy.


True Joy is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.


If the only joy you have in your life is food, then losing weight is impossible.


And mean.


Taking away your only pleasure leaves you with despair and deprivation.


That’s why diets feel terrible. It’s not the healthy food that’s upsetting, it’s the Joy removal.


The answer, then, is clear.


In order to lose weight you have to get more (non-food) Joy.


Lots more.


Food Joy is cheap Joy.

Temporary Joy.

True Joy is better.


It’s like the difference between a one-night stand and a loving, committed relationship.


So let’s get you started on the road to True Joy!


You’re going to need paper and a pen or a note in your phone for this one because you’re going to make two lists.

The first establishes your current reality (your starting point) and the second creates your joyful future (your destination).


  1. Make a list of all the things that truly bring joy to your life right now.


If food is the only thing on that list, you’ve got some work to do.

But it’s fun work :) read on.


  1. Make a list of all the things you think would bring you joy.


  • What did you love to do as a kid?
  • What sounds fun to you?


Put those activities on your list, but now I want you to step it up:


  • What have you always dreamed of doing?
  • What have you always dreamed of being?
  • Who have you always dreamed of helping?
  • Let yourself imagine your perfect life. What would you be doing every day?


Can you feel the Joy your life would have if you were living your dreams?

(If you feel a little scared too that’s ok, it means you’re on the right track :)


Now your job is to get your life from the first list to the second.


Creating that second-list-life is your weight loss plan.


Talking about your dreams and thinking about your dreams and taking action every day is how you create True Joy. Then Temporary Joy pales in comparison.


What are the exact things you would need to start doing today and in the next weeks, months and years to make your vision a reality?


Do those things.


I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I am saying it’s going to be worth it.


Building your dream creates Joy.

Isn’t that amazing?

It’s not just once you get there.  

It’s a joyful process.


If you love playing the guitar, practicing can bring as much joy as performing.


Then food is used to fuel the fun instead of being the fun.




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