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Vacation Eating in the Time of COVID



Summer usually brings highly anticipated trips of all kinds. And with it changes in eating patterns.


This year’s a bit different, so we’re looking for safe ways to get a change of scenery.

Camping or road trips are high on the list of safer ways to get out of town.


Summer travel eating usually revolves around restaurant food, making it a bit trickier to lose or maintain weight.


But with camping or staying in a home away from home we can continue the home cooking we’ve gotten more used to.


That’s a good thing for weight loss and maintenance.


Home meals on average are much less caloric that “out” ones. Multiply that by 3 and the savings really add up.


It’s more possible than ever to eat well on vacation. The question is: will we?


It depends how you decide to handle your food “vacation mentality”.


Does this sound familiar?

Vacation means throwing all caution to the wind and using the change of scenery as an excuse to eat everything in sight. No responsibilities at work means no responsibilities for food choices, either.


All or nothing.


Structure or chaos.


The problem is this leads to yoyo weight gain, cycles of deprivation and ultimately hopelessness around food and weight.


What if we did it differently this time?


Instead of all or nothing, try being intentional about your choices on vacation. This doesn’t mean eating straw and water while everyone around you is having cinnamon rolls.


It means making conscious decisions that you’re happy with that satisfy your taste buds and your waistline.


Maybe lunch is not that important to you so you have lean protein and salad, which leaves more calories available for your favorite dinner with friends.


Before your next vacation, ask yourself:


  1. What is my weight goal for this trip?


There are 3 answers to this question: gain, lose, stay the same.


I like to ask this to manage expectations. If you know you want to lose, then you’ll have one plan for food on the trip. If you know you want to eat more on vacation, planning to gain and having a realistic strategy to take it off when you get back is key to enjoying yourself and realizing your weight goals.



  1. What is my goal for the trip in general? In other words, what do I want to focus on?


For some people that will be the food. Others will want to relax or see nature or spend time with family or friends.


When I become acutely aware of what I want to get out of the trip, I can focus on making that happen and spend less time thinking about food.



Being thoughtful about your trip will make the experience so much richer and when you get home the pictures will be the best reminder of your good time, not bigger jeans.







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